Kojima Name Generator

Section 0: What is this!? Who are you!? I'm scared!

Stay calm! Before you panic, read the Kojima Name Generator article on Polygon and watch this video.

This electronic version of the Kojima Name Generator will help you determine your Kojima Name, while saving paper and avoiding wear and tear on your dice.

Simply follow the instructions in the questionair below to see your Kojima Name(s). When asked to roll a die, you can click the die button ( , , , , , ) to have it rolled for you.

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Section 1: Determine How Many Names You Have

Kojima often creates characters that have many alternate names, so we must first figure out how many names you will have.
  1. 1-5
    You have 1 name.
    You have 1 name + 6 other alternative names.
  2. If you rolled a 6, you must do this worksheet 6 more times. You do not need to complete Sections 1-3 on subsequent name generations.

Section 2: Personal Information

Kojima’s characters have names that are directly related to their own character traits. This information will make sure your name fits your personality.

Section 3: Kojima Information

Kojima character names reflect his own idiosyncrasies. He can’t help himself.

Section 4: Determining Your Name Conditions

Sometimes, a character will have a plot-based condition that affects their name. You, too, might have a condition that affects your name. Conditions can stack, so please make note of how many your name has.
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Section 5: Determining Your Name Category

Kojima names fall into a finite number of categories. This section will determine the category in which your name belongs. NOTE: If you have a name + 6 alternate names, you will do this section once to find your true name, and then you will have an alternate name in every other category.
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Section 6: NORMAL NAME

Kojima’s early work includes lots of characters that have names that are widely considered to be “normal.” Was this just because, in the early years, he didn’t have the power to say, “I’m Hideo Kojima, I can name someone Die-Hardman if I want to” without people questioning him? Probably.


Kojima’s characters tend to be driven by the work that they do. That often carries over to their names. You, too, can be nothing more than your job.
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Section 8: HORNY NAME

Kojima’s characters and stories are irrevocably horny. Weirdly horny, sure, but horny nonetheless.
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Section 9: THE NAME

Kojima loves to make people have names that start with the word “The” and they usually symbolize fears or unstoppable forces. You are now that unstoppable force.
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Section 10: COOL NAME

Kojima loves to be cool. Sometimes, his idea of cool is a bit strange, but it is always cool to Hideo Kojima, and that’s what matters.
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Section 11: VIOLENT NAME

Sometimes, a Kojima name can be very threatening and violent,like Sniper Wolf, or The Fury. Now you can also be threatening and violent.
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Sometimes, Kojima gives up and just names a character exactly what they are. Congratulations. You are exactly what you do.

Section 13: Your Kojima Name

Congratulations! You have 7 Kojima Names! Complete Sections 6 - 11 to see them all. Follow the instructions in Section 5 to determine your Kojima Name.
  • Normal Name
  • Occupational Name
    {{sectionComplete(section7) ? occupationalName : '[Complete Section 7]'}}
  • Horny Name
    {{sectionComplete(section8) ? hornyName : '[Complete Section 8]'}}
  • THE Name
    {{sectionComplete(section9) ? theName: '[Complete Section 9]'}}
  • Cool Name
    {{sectionComplete(section10) ? coolName : '[Complete Section 10]'}}
  • Violent Name
    {{sectionComplete(section11) ? violentName : '[Complete Section 11]'}}
  • No Subtext Name
Complete Sections 1 - {{section1.q1.value == 6 ? 4 : 5}} to determine your Kojima Name.